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This week, our assignment was to download two podcasts from iTunes that sparked our interest. One of the podcasts I downloaded had to relate to the Twilight Saga. Two of the episodes discussed the making of the movie and each included a clip from a scene in the movie that can only be viewed on iTunes. Because I’m one of those Twilight crazed fans, I couldn’t wait for the podcast to download so that I could get yet another sneak peak at the New Moon movie!

The second podcast I downloaded was in the iTunes U section. It was called MIT OCW: 18.01 Single Variable Calculus, Fall 2007. I decided this would be a good choice, since I’ve been struggling with my Math 110 class recently. The episodes I watched included a full lecture on derivatives, slope, velocity, and rates of change; the second lecture I watched was on related rates. Because university level classes have so much information to teach in a short period of time, the professors have to rush through the material, and it can be difficult to catch on to all of the new concepts right away. Watching the processes of some of these math problems for a second time really helped me. I’m still not 100% confident in my own ability with some of these problems, but I do understand more of what is going on. The only downfall to this set of podcasts is that they are each close to an hour long. This takes up a large portion of my homework time, but I do think it will be very beneficial to my work in the end.

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  1.   whitney Says:

    AHH I love Twilight too! I also picked Twilight podcasts. There are so many on ITunes it was hard to find the right one.

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